Recent Repertoire



  • Atlanta Temple 125 (Andrew Barrington)
  • The Ambassadors (Peter Graham)
  • Charlotte Celebration (Stephen Bulla) 
  • Emblem of the Army (Arthur Gullidge)
  • Endless Day (Lloyd Scott)
  • Goldcrest (James Anderson)
  • Golden Jubilee (Milton Kippax)
  • Hadleigh Camp (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  • Marching Along (Nick Simmons-Smith)
  • Praise (Wilfred Heaton)
  • Salvation's Song (William Gordon)


  • Daystar (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  • Fanfare and Flourishes (Martin Cordner)
  • Great Salvation War (James Curnow)
  • The Good Old Way (Bruce Broughton)
  • The Last Amen (Peter Graham)
  • Let everything praise (Cordner)
  • Song of Courage (Eric Ball)
  • The Triumph of Peace (Eric Ball)


  • Crown Him With Many Crowns (Charles Skinner)
  • The Day Thou Gavest (Philip Wilby)
  • In Perfect Peace (Kenneth Downie)
  • Love Divine (A.H. Jakeway)
  • My Jesus I love Thee (Kevin Downing)
  • Redeeming Love (Thomas Rive)
  • St. Columba (Keith Griffin)
  • Soli Deo Gloria (William Himes)
  • Sufficiency (Erik Leidzen)
  • They Shall Come From the East (Kevin Larsson)
  • This I Know (William Himes)


  • The Blessing (William Himes)
  • For our Transgressions (Morley Calvert)
  • Guardian of Our Way (James Curnow)
  • In Quiet Pastures (Ray Steadman-Allen)
  • Peace of Heart (Les Condon)
  • The Light of the World (Dean Goffin)


  • Heralds of Victory - Cornet ensemble (Richard Holz)
  • Journey into peace - Dr. Steve Kellner, Euphonium soloist (William Himes)
  • I Surrender - Darryl Crossland, Flugel Horn soloist (arr. Nick Simmons-Smith)
  • In Christ Alone – Dr. Steve Kellner, Euphonium soloist (Richard Phillips)
  • Let there be peace on earth - Trombone ensemble (Nick Simmons-Smith)
  • Prayer for Courage - Jeffrey Barrington, Cornet soloist (Andrew Barrington)
  • Traveling Along – Dr. Steve Kellner, Euphonium soloist (Chris Mallett)


  • The Army Chariot (Andrew Barrington)
  • Down to the River to Pray (Alan Fernie)
  • Ein' Feste Burg (Andrew Mackereth)
  • Fill The World With Glory (Kevin Larsson)
  • Hallelujah! (James Curnow)
  • Hallelujah Parade (Kevin Norbury)
  • Let Everything Praise! (Martin Cordner)
  • Lightwalk (Barrie Gott)
  • Lord, Lord, You Sure Been Good to Me (Eric Alexander) 
  • Mighty Fortress (Dr. Steve Kellner)
  • Praise Him (Stephen Bulla)
  • Wall of Sound (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
  • War Cry (Dorothy Gates)