Noel L. Morris

Noel Morris.jpg

Years active in the band:  January 1993 to October 2012.

Positions in the band:  Soprano & Solo cornet / Band Board member

Favorite Piece:  My Comfort and Strength (Brian Bowen)

Favorite STB Moment:  Performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London England in 1996.  An experience I will never forget.


I am the son of Salvation Army Officers.  My place of birth was Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.  I came to the U.S. in 1968 when my parents were transferred to New York City.  I was taught to play the  cornet by my father, Brigadier Hugh Morris.  My employment took me to the Washington DC Area in 1985 where I joined the National Capital Band, of which I am still a member.  In 1993, I was invited to join the Southern Territorial Band by Dr. Richard Holz where for the next 15 years I occupied the soprano cornet chair.  After that time period I spent the next 5 years in the solo cornet section.