Southern Territorial Band Recordings

WAR AND PEACE, released 2016

1. Mighty fortress! (Dr. Steve Kellner)


2. March: Emblem of the army (Arthur Gullidge)


3. Cornet solo: A prayer for courage (Andrew Barrington)

Soloist Jeffrey Barrington


4. Tone Poem: The Great salvation war (James Curnow)


5. Cornet Ensemble: Heralds of victory (Richard E. Holz)


6. Festival March: Atlanta Temple 125 (Andrew Barrington)


7. Euphonium solo: Journey into peace (William Himes)

Soloist Dr. Steve Kellner


8. Trombone feature: Let there be peace on earth (Nick Simmons-Smith)


9. Selection: Peace of heart (Leslie Condon)


10. Tone Poem: The Triumph of peace (Eric Ball)

Beautiful Savior: Songs of Praise and Adoration

Beautiful Savior Cover.JPG

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Bandmaster Nicholas Simmons-Smith's first CD with the Southern Territorial Band is a wonderful blending of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in band arrangements that represent three generations of Salvationist composers. The repertoire ranges from band classics such as the late Commissioner Dean Goffin's setting of the hymn tune "Aurelia," "The Light of the World," through James Curnow's psalm-like "Hallelujah," and moving through Eric Alexander's "New Orleans Street Beat" "Lord, Lord, You Sure Been Good to Me."

This recording also features a series of devotions written by Captain Michael Harris based on each piece. This can be viewed online HERE.  

Click HERE for devotionals based on each piece 

1. Marching Along (Nick Simmons Smith)

2. This I Know (William Himes)

3. Songs of Exultation (Norman Bearcroft) 

Cornet Soloist: Jamie Hood 

4. The Army Chariot (Andrew Barrington) 

5. Daystar (Ray Steadman-Allen) 

6. Hallelujah! (James Curnow) 

7. The Light of the World (Dean Goffin) 

8. Fanfare and Flourishes (Martin Cordner) 

9. I Surrender (Laeger, arr. Nick Simmons Smith) 

Flugel Horn Soloist: Darryl Crossland 

10. Lord, Lord, You Sure Been Good to Me (Eric Alexander) 

           Trombone Soloist: Matthew Broome

11. Charlotte Celebration (Stephen Bulla) 

12. Sufficiency (Erik Leidzen) 

Crown of Heaven

Crown of Heaven STB Cover.jpg

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Bandmaster Richard E. Holz

1. Cause for Celebration (William Himes)

2. Caelum Corona (Crown of Heaven) (Stephen Bulla)

3. The Higher Plane (Stephen Bulla)

       Soloist: Noel Morris

4. St. Columba (Keith Griffin)

5. Mansion Heir (Stephen Bulla)

         Euphonium / Tuba Duet: Major Tony     

         Barrington & Andy Barrington

6. In the King's Service (Erik Leidzen)

7. Sursum Corda  (Lift Up Your Hearts) (Brian Bowen)

8. I'd Rather Have Jesus (arr. William Himes)

            Soloist: Ian Anderson

9. The King's Command (Herbert Rive)