Major Terry Israel

Terry Israel.jpg

Home Corps/Positions Held: Dallas Temple, TX

Joined the Band In: 1987

Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 3:5,6

Favorite Hymn:

Favorite Piece: "The Kingdom Triumphant" (Eric Ball)

                             "The Great Salvation War" (James Curnow)

Outside Activities: Golf, Running and watching my kids play any sport!


Terry retired from the band July 2015 after many years of service.  Primarily a back row cornet, Terry also served as Band Sergeant for some years.   He was the "life and soul" of the band - often providing much needed sharp wit during a recording session or rehearsal, or laugh our loud anecdotes on a long bus ride.  He will be missed greatly by the band for his personality, encouragement and his personnel skills that ensured an excellent esprit de corps in the band.